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My name is Ron Channels, The Office Space Specialist.  My specialty  is exclusively representing mid-size companies throughout Southern  California; restructuring and negotiating commercial office leases  against the Landlords, ensuring zero conflict of interest.  

Negotiating  a commercial office lease against the Landlord can be a challenge  without the right experience or a professional team behind you.  If  your The Office Space Specialist in Newport Beach Office Leasing in Newport Beach Commercial Real Estate in Newport Beach in the market to rent commercial real estate, you have come to the  right place.  The Office Space Specialist has been around since 2000, so I really mean it when I say I'm here to help you.  

The Landlord pays my fees, Not You!!! 


  • The Landlord Pays Our Fees!!!
  • ​​Exclusively Represent Tenants
  • Restructure & Negotiate Commercial Office Leases
  • We know the Landlord's Games, their Profit Centers and how they take advantage of their tenants. 
  • Over 17 Years of Commercial Real Estate Office Leasing throughout Southern California

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